Prayerwalk Colorado- Jefferson County Part One

County Seat: Golden.

Jefferson County brought many Divine Appointments, and every one special. Our first “appointment” was with a precious place in Melody’s heart, her own church, “Gateway on Mount Zion”. On top of a mountain in beautiful Golden, Colorado stands a noble structure in process of some reconstruction following a recent fire. Still, you could not miss the impressive artistry and charm, in the building, the mountainside, and the people.

This is a true lighthouse, and we were privileged to be here. In fact, we were blessed to meet some of those people, and one was able to stay with us and join in our offerings and worship. Melody’s dear friend and prayer partner was Marie Gerritz, and we were so blessed to have her join us. What a prayer warrior!

The church has set up large meeting tents in back of the property overlooking the beautiful mountains, for their gatherings. Just outside those, we were welcomed to have our prayer site for our offerings there beneath a tree. Oh God we pray over this amazing land You have given to us. As we place these memorials in the ground, Lord, we claim back our nation for You, county by county, state by state! As Tony prepared the ground, the Lord prepared our hearts. We shared our offerings, communion together, and a precious time of worship to the King on His holy mountain. What a sweet time of unity it was.

The sound of shofars pierced the air as the three of us ladies took our turns lifting this precious sound to the Lord. After anointing everything, Tony covered the offerings, and we spent time under the tents lifting our praise and worship to the Lord. God, we call down fire on our hearts from heaven as Elijah called down Your fire on his offerings to show You are the One True God. Let Your fire fall, first on Your people, then on this county, this nation, and all the nations of the world. Let this place truly be as its name says, a “Gateway to Mount Zion”!

PSALM 150: 6