Recommended Resources

These are resources we have found helpful in our ministry work. We highly recommend these prayer tools and have listed them for you below.

Prayerwalk America: Four Corners, Volumes 1-4

A prayer handbook, a tool for America to pray for America. Written by myself, Hazel Fetz, this is a prayer journey where you are invited to prayerwalk with my husband Tony and I, as we traveled to every state capitol to claim back America for the Kingdom of God. It is filled with God’s awesome works on our journey, miracles and answers to prayer, and is filled with hundreds of color pictures of historical places and God’s amazing handiwork across our country. Lay your hand on the capitol of Minnesota and be there with us, walk with us on the streets of California, or pray over New York City from the top of the Empire State Building, uniting your prayers with ours. This is available through

The Overcomers’ Handbook of Kingdom Proclamations

“The Overcomers’ Handbook of Kingdom Proclamations”, by Barbara Potts, is available on Amazon. We took this book with us to every state on our Prayerwalk America journey in 2019, making declarations and proclamations from Senate Balconies, House Chambers, Supreme Court Steps, Governor’s offices, and long road trips in between. This is a tremendous prayer help you don’t want to be without.

God’s Answer to the Growing Crises

“God’s Answer to the Growing Crises” by Mike Bickle, Director of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri, is an example of some of the endless resources at IHOPKC, and is available on Amazon. We left a copy of this book for every Governor across America. Our time at the International House of Prayer marked us for a lifetime. This place is an amazing work of God filled with worship and prayer resources, and a 24/7 prayer room that has been going non-stop since 1999. Check it out at IHOPKC Home Page – International House of Prayer.