Prayers and Declarations for America

A Solemn Decree and Proclamation

This is a proclamation over the state of Colorado, to be used by the people of God. This document declares God’s authority, sovereignty and power over the enemy, and this a statement of faith and absolute trust in the blood of Christ and its power in our lives. This is a strong enabling tool to remind ourselves who we are in Christ and Who He is in us. Pastor Steve Ferrante who penned this document leads Fellowship Church in Estes Park, Colorado.

Declarations for Colorado

This prayer tool is written by Amy Everette, Mobilizing Catalyst for Colorado Prays; This is designed to be used making declarations of truth over our city and state. It calls for agreement with the Word of God on who God is, and what truths we are standing on intercession. It declares alignment with God’s plan for our city, and for reconciliation and unity where there has been division. This is a powerful intercessory tool.